How To Finish The Year Like A Senior

March 29, 2017


Credit: Mary Kate Urbanski (used with permission)

Alexis Miniet says,”We decided to put the couches together so that it is easier to sleep and watch Netflix during study hall.”

Another school year is coming to an end and the class of 2017 knows the best way to finish out strong. Listed below are a handful of things that are strongly encouraged by these motivated and interactive students.

1) Skip at least one day a week.

2) Only bring your Macbook and headphones to school to watch Netflix.

Credit: Devin Folkman/Achona Online
Laney Rodriguez says,“I have watched the entire Jersey Shore twice already, just at school.”

3) If you still play sports, show up at 10:59 exactly everyday just to be able to play.

4) Make multiple copies of doctor’s notes and just change the date on each one.

5) Wear a different college sweatshirt each day.

Kali Bradley says,“My sweatshirts vary from University of North Carolina to Auburn University, depending on my mood that day.”

6) Never come in when you have study hall first set.

7) Get multiple snacks from Sage to eat in every class.

8) Spend most of class looking for prom dresses online.

Credit: Devin Folkman/Achona Online
Mary Kate Urbanski says,“Academy prom is right around the corner, so the studying can wait.”

9) Show up late and leave early in the same day.

10) Do not set an alarm, just hope to wake up in time.

Credit: Devin Folkman/Achona Online
Olivia Valdes says, “I whip into the parking lot at 7:57, but somehow I make it at the first bell.”

11) Waste the time you could be doing your homework figuring out how you can get away with doing the absolute minimum.

Audrey Dunn says,“Whenever I start my homework it is usually finished right before it is due that class, that is how I manage throughout second semester.”

12) Use Facebook and Twitter as your main learning sources.

Credit: Devin Folkman/Achona Online
Zoe Cuva says, “I’ll be on twitter during class and start crying laughing tweets. It gets me through the day.”

13) Take naps during every class.

14) Don’t take yourself too seriously, just like this article.

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