Seniors Reflect on Their Time in the Lounge

April 25, 2017


Photo Credit: Sophia Mastro/ Achona Online. Senior Hannah Menendez says, “I am going to miss the lounge so much.”

As the school year is coming to a close for the class of 2017, they reflect on their favorite memories from the senior lounge. Many of the seniors claim at least one of their best memories at Academy is from their time in the senior lounge.

Top 10 Best Moments of the Senior Lounge 

1.  Ambushing Mrs. Chase to “Shots” by LMFAO

Senior Reilly Sleater says, “She was concerned yet not surprised by the ambush.”


Beth Chase says, “Thank God I had my blood pressure medication with me.”

2.  When Anne-Marie Yatsura threw a beach ball out the window

Credit: Brittany Bramwell/@britt_bram (used with permission). Senior Zoe Cuva says, “I wanted a taste of freedom, so I decided to go out and live a little on the ‘edge’. When the weightless plastic beach ball was thrown out the window it didn’t occur to any of us just how threatening this object would be to the safety of the zero people that happened to be passing by.”

3.  Turning the lounge into a poster factory minutes before the pep rally

Photo Credit: Zoe Cuva (used with permission). Senior Emily Orama says, “It wasn’t very hard to come up with roasts for our signs, but they were pretty clever. We made them within minutes before the pep rally and they even had glitter and pictures.”

4.  When SMP walked in the lounge and “Walk It Out” was playing over the speaker

Photo Credit: Sophia Mastro/ Achona Online. Senior Hope Rossi says, “When SMP walked in the lounge and “Walk it Out” was playing I started laughing so hard I cried.”

5.  Inviting shadows into the lounge and dancing with them


6.  Having a pong tournament in the lounge on “Wet Wednesdays”

Photo Credit: Sophia Mastro/ Achona Online. Senior Hannah Menendez says, “Wet Wednesday’s were my favorite days eating lunch in the lounge.”

7.  Kate Scanlan and Samantha Stagg’s dance routine performances

Photo Credit: Haley Schumann (used with permission). Senior Megan Przedpelski says, “Kate and Samantha’s dances never fail to get everyone on their feet.”

8.  After the seniors “bum rushed” the junior ring cake and blasted the Rihanna song Birthday Cake


9.  Birthday celebratory dances

Photo Credit: Sophia Mastro/ Achona Online. Senior Ashley Lambert says, “The best days in the lounge are birthdays.”

10.  Everyone passing out on the sofa and floor the morning after the senior sleepover

Photo Credit: Sophia Mastro/ Achona Online. Senior Ciara Chappell says, “Our first day in the lounge consisted of sleeping anywhere that was available. The carpet and sofa were covered with what appeared to look like dead bodies.”

Looking back on these great memories, the seniors realize how much they will miss their time in the senior lounge together.

Senior Ashley Lambert says, “The lounge has brought our grade so close together and has created a formidable bond between our class. My favorite memories from Academy are from the senior lounge and I will miss it the most.”

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