Academy Celebrates Pajama Day to Support Mission Trips

February 20, 2018

Students lounge in their pajamas to financially support Academys mission trips. Photo Credit: Alexis Alvarez (used with permission)

Students lounge in their pajamas to financially support Academy’s mission trips. Photo Credit: Alexis Alvarez (used with permission)

On Friday Feb. 16, 2018, Academy hosted its annual Pajama Day.

On Pajama Day, students pay five dollars to dress in their pajamas.The money collected from Pajama Day directly benefits Academy’s mission trips. However, it is up to each mission trip how they spend that money.

Elizabeth Fuchsen (’21) said,
“I think my pajamas are from Target. My favorite thing about pajama day is that I don’t have to wear my uniform. Also, I really like superheroes.” (Photo Credit: Sam Garateix/Achona Online)

Director of Campus Ministry, Katie Holland said, “In Mississippi, we will put the money toward supplies or items for the family [that] we help and we might purchase some new towels, curtains, or flowers for the yard of the home we fix up.”

The pajama day donations usually total up to around $1,600 dollars divided evenly eight ways.

“When you divide by eight trips, it isn’t a ton of money for each trip, but every little bit helps, and the recipients of these items always are very, very grateful,” says Holland.

Both students and teachers enjoy pajama day because they get to dress comfortably for a day.

“My older brother gave me these ninja turtle pants from Walmart. McKenna Weathers (‘18) gave me this shirt for our soccer scavenger hunt and I get good vibes whenever I wear it,” says Caroline Lameroux (’20). (Photo Credit: Sam Garateix/Achona Online)

English teacher, Virginia Pendleton says,“My favorite thing about pajama day is comfort, just always feeling relaxed and letting it all hang out.”


Some students will wear what they woke up in, while others wear pajamas given to them as a gift.

“I am wearing giraffe footie pajamas that I got today for my birthday. I like pajama day because it’s comfortable and makes for a fun Friday,” says Sarah Devaney (’21). 

Sarah Devaney is celebrating her birthday at school and pajama day together on Friday Feb. 16, 2018. (Photo Credit: Sam Garateix/Achona Online)

“My favorite thing about pajama day is that I am really comfy. I’m not going to lie, I’m living the life,” says Caroline Lamoureux (’20). 

“I like comfort over fashion, obviously. These are my favorite items, my bunny slippers that my best friend gave me when we went to Boston. The pink robe is what I wore pretty much all the way through my maternity with my oldest daughter.” (Photo Credit: Sam Garateix/ Achona Online)
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