College Trips During Mini Course

March 23, 2018


Mei Lamison (’20) says, “My favorite college was Boston University because I really liked the location of the school, an urban environment, which is something I really value.” Photo Credit: Mei Lamison/ Achona Online

Every year during Mini Course Week, students are given a choice of either going on a mission trip, a college trip, to Disney, or staying at school doing activities around school. Many students decided to go on college trips to learn more about colleges that they will apply to their senior year. Some students like to go on them senior year to narrow down their list of colleges they have been admitted to.

Mei Lamison (’20) says “I went to five colleges: Boston University, Boston College, Tufts University, Emerson College, and Northeastern University.” Photo Credit: Mei Lamison/ Achona Online

Alessandria Ligori (‘18) says, “I visited Wake Forest and FSU, and after being able to see both I realized I fit better at FSU. It felt like home to me and I really love that.”

Gabby Hogan (‘18) says, “Over mini course week junior and senior year, I went on college trips and it helped me narrow down my options. Thinking about a school and actually being there are very different. After being on campus I could see myself at that school, and really liking it there.”

Lauren Pieper (’18) says, “I have always known that I wanted to go to Auburn, but the tour made me learn things that I did not know.” Photo Credit: Lauren Pieper/ Achona Online

Students traveled across the country touring colleges to see what each college has to offer. Usually students will do group tours with an admission counselor at the respective college. These tours inform prospective students about average class sizes, available majors, housing options, and financial aid.

Sydney Wills (‘20) says, “I went to University of Florida, and Florida State, I got see what dorms my sister will be living in next year, and it made me really excited for college.”

In order to go on a college trip, the student must get a paper signed by the school, and write a paragraph for each college that they visit. 

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