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Callie Mellon

Callie Mellon, Sophomore Staff Writer

Catherine “Callie” Mellon is a sophomore and first year staff writer. Her full name is Catherine Lillian Hendry Mellon, so the nickname “Callie” comes from Catherine Lillian.  She also is in Student Council and has been riding horses for six years; although, she is taking a break right now to be on the swim team. Mellon is “excited to be on the smoothie committee this year, and also to find out about what hospitality is and about,” this year. The Academy student is passionate about both Mathematics and English class. When asked why she likes polar opposite subjects, Mellon replied, “When you figure out a problem it’s like solving a puzzle, and English is interesting to learn about how the English language developed.” In her free time, Mellon enjoys paddle boarding, fishing, and swimming with her dogs. Excitedly, Mellon explains that swimming with her dogs is so fun “because they look like dolphins.” She also tells “I got these creme brulee cups for my birthday. It makes it so much easier, and I got a flame torch. It’s amazing. I really go all out.” Mellon hopes to attend USC in Los Angeles California, and hopes to some day work for an internet company; such as Google. “It looks so fun because you can ride the bikes around.” Mellon has very unique hair that people think she highlights, but she has never, and describes her hair to be “like a rainbow”. Mellon loves Urban Outfitters, and “definitely Oxford Exchange, even though it is loud in there and hard to talk”, and Hyde Park.

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Callie Mellon