Eight seniors were asked of a song that reminds them of their time at AHN and why.
Eight seniors were asked of a song that reminds them of their time at AHN and why.
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Seniors reminisce on their time in high school through music

In our lives, we have certain things that stick with us and remind us of the important times. In this case, it is music. Eight seniors were asked about a song that reminded them of their time at AHN, a song that captured their journey, their ups and downs, and the friends they have made along the way. This question opened up a rabbit hole of memories, showing the powerful link of music to our lives.

1. Diana Hiatt: “We’re All in This Together”- High School Musical

Diana Hiatt (’24)describes how “This song reminds me of this school year because we have bonded as a class. As senior year ends, I have grown with my sisters, and they are friends I will cherish for the rest of my life.” (Photo Credit: Wikipedia)

Listen here:

2. Addy Brown: ‘Over’- Drake

Addy Brown (’24) said, “This song makes me think of this school year because I can’t wait to graduate.”
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3. Sellome Haile– ‘Time of Our Lives’-Pitbull

Sellome Haile (’24) recounted how “This song reminds me of this year because of all four years, this is the best one I’ve had in high school.” (Photo Credit: YouTube)

Listen here:


4. Brooke Beede: ‘Starships’- Nicki Minaj

Brooke Beede (’24) said, “This song makes me think of summertime, which I am so excited about because I go to the beach a lot.” (Photo Credit: SoundCloud)

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5. Hailey Aulicino: ‘The Climb’- Miley Cyrus

Hailey Aulicino (’24) said, “This song makes me think of this year because although it has been a hard and long year, it is almost over, and I am excited.” (Photo Credit: SoundCloud)

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6. Natalie Marks: ‘Started From the Bottom’ – Drake 

Natalie Marks (’24) comments how “I ‘Started From the Bottom’ now my whole senior team here.” (Photo Credit: Spotify)

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7. Caroline Arnold: ‘Congratulations’- Post Malone

Caroline Arnold (’24) said, “We are graduating and deserve to be congratulated.” (Photo Credit: IMDb)

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8. Marielle Robert: ‘Cigarette Daydreams’- Cage the Elephant

Marielle Robert (’24) shared “Because it is talking about being 17 years old, and it is just a relatable song that makes me nostalgic of high school, even though I haven’t graduated yet.” (Photo Credit: Soundcloud)

Listen here:

As these students look back on the songs they have chosen, they think about how this music has seemed to perfectly capture their time at Academy. As they move forward to college and other chapter in their lives, the songs will stay with them, a reminder of their unique journeys.

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