Student parking lots; too many cars and not enough spaces

As the school year progresses, Academy faces a brand new issue. This issue stems from the growing student body at AHN and the limited space in the parking lot. With a hundred seniors, 101 juniors, 104 sophomores, and only 125 available parking spaces, problems have become apparent. 

The parking situation has skyrocketed to the forefront of conversation amongst student drivers. By the first week of school, parking passes were sold out. This incited panic amongst many girls, including seniors who generally have parking priority. Understandably, the section of the parking lot reserved for seniors has never been able to accommodate the entire senior class, but to think that some seniors may not be able to park in the lot at all has caused a bit of an uproar. 

The lot is already fuller than ever, and many sophomores still plan on beginning to drive once they turn 16 later in the year. Various students have reported that sophomores who have yet to receive their license may have already purchased parking passes. This could be adding to the problem. 

However, the majority of students at Academy agree that the parking situation is an important issue that needs to be addressed soon. Many feel that the only fair option is to start assigning parking spaces by seniority. This opinion has been supported by Academy seniors and juniors alike. 

Further parking issues are sure to arise as the school continues to grow, so the addition of more parking spaces may be something to consider as well. However many students are more concerned with the present situation, and hope that a fair solution can be found before the issue becomes worse.