‘Dolphin Tale’ teaches adults ‘to open up their hearts and minds’

Dolphin Tale was an immediate success once it hit theaters on September 23.  Reviews applauded this inspiring story of compassionate individuals who saved the life of an injured dolphin named Winter.

Based on a true account, these individuals including a marine biologist and prosthetic doctor brought who Winter to the Clearwater Marina of Florida to revive him and restore what was left of his lost tail.

The true love and devotion of this movie does not lie with the doctors and the scientists, but rather with a young boy named Sawyer.  He fought against his mother and his teacher to see Winter and ensure that she recovered.  He cared for her endlessly,  and his determination to do so revealed his kindness and generous heart.

Todd McCarty of Hollywood Reporter recognizes the influential message of this film. “The sheer goodness of it all might be too much to bear.”

Rex Reed of New York Observer also sees the empowering message this movie has in store for people of all ages and claims. “I dare even the most jaded cynic not to shed a tear of admiration and joy.”

Academy senior Paige Mangan enjoyed the movie and loved how the interaction between the boy and the dolphin changed not only the dolphin’s life but also Sawyer’s life.  “The dolphin gave the little boy something to believe in and to live for.”

Not only did Mangan love the premise of the movie, but she also appreciated that it was filmed locally in Clearwater.  She was surprised to learn that harmful incidents like these happen to dolphins so close to home.  She was taken aback by the proximity of these events in relation to where she lives.

What impressed Mangan the most was the wide influence this movie has already had on people of all ages.  Her mom loved it, her younger brother loved it, and she loved it.  She thinks that the movie shows adults to trust children for they sometimes know what is best.

“It teaches adults to open up their hearts and minds to kids.” Although she thought that the movie was slightly long and a little slow at first for younger children, she believes that it “teaches kids to make a difference even when adults give up on them. It is a movie of hope and perseverance that influences people everywhere to fight for what is good.”

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‘Dolphin Tale’ teaches adults ‘to open up their hearts and minds’