Taylor Swift speaks now

Taylor Swift ‘speaks now’

Last Saturday night, November 12, Taylor Swift brought her “Speak Now” tour to Tampa Bay to the  St. Pete Times Forum, which had sold out  way back in May.

Despite her signature blonde curls, bright red lips, and sparkly dresses, there is much more to Taylor Swift than her looks.  She recently won CMA’s “Entertainer of the Year” Award on November 9, for the second time. Entertain is exactly what she did at this concert, from the very beginning to the very end.

Fourteen thousand  fans represented all ages,  some wearing cute dresses and cowgirl boots, and even more of them holding light-up signs. Swift opened the concert with the song “Sparks Fly,” followed with more songs,  each introduced  with thoughtful advice and sincere gratitude to her fans for spending their night with her.

Taylor’s love of connecting with her audience did not stop there.  After the album-titled song “Speak Now,” she left the stage and ran down the aisle, amidst her screaming fans, to the back of the auditorium. Seated on a 360° rotating tree, she began playing “Last Kiss” and “You Belong with Me.” Taylor’s sweet personality shined through her lyrics, her voice, and her smile. Everyone with floor seats was able to crowd around her,  making each and every one of her fans feel special.

The stage scenery and background changed to enhance each song and mood. The eye-catching ballet dancers and the beautiful red fall-colored trees developed the charming atmosphere for the song “Enchanted.”

Swift ended the concert with the song that everyone was waiting for all night, “Love Story.” She entered a movable balcony,  true to the thematic tribute to Romeo and Juliet, and traveled across the entire auditorium, attempting to reach out to every one of her fans.

Swift’s happy personality and adoring smile is contagious and spread to everyone in the audience. When it was time to go, everyone seemed to feel as if  they were in a blissful and surreal state. Her talent is undeniable .  She plays the guitar, the banjo, the piano, and she sings live without a flaw, capturing the crowd with each word that she sings. It is not difficult to recognize that this 21- year-old is well on her way to make music history.

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Taylor Swift ‘speaks now’