‘Suburgatory’: Purgatory with a twist of satire

New on the ABC line-up is Suburgatory, a fun 30-minute escape on Wednesday nights at 8:30 pm.  The show stereotypes a small suburban town in New Jersey through exaggerated characters such as super moms who need to control to mindless “mean girls” who are too clueless to do much harm.

The best part of the show is actress Jane Levy, whose wry comments on the Jersey country club life style makes the most of a limited script.  The story line is pretty easy to pick up. Tessa and her father George move from the heart of New York City to a small suburb in New Jersey because of some rough patches between the two.

Tessa now starts fresh at a new school. The guidance counselor, Mr. Wolfe, assigns Tessa a “buddy” to show her around the school, which just so happens to be the “popular” girl. “A buddy is not your friend – they are just picked and get extra credit,” says Mr. Wolfe.

Throughout the early episodes Tessa is shocked to find her grunge city look is not acceptable as everyday apparel in Chatswin where everyone has the exact same designer nose job, designer shorts, designer everything.  Episodes include predictable cliques exacting an overload of peer pressure.

As Tessa and her father try to fit into their new surroundings, they notice a huge difference in how people act towards others not of the same social status. Being an outsider in this purgatory isn’t the brightest idea, but eventually they find a slight rhythm in their new lives to realize just how different city life is to suburban life.  Whether this show lasts longer than a season is questionable,  so you might want to catch an episode just for the fun of it!

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‘Suburgatory’: Purgatory with a twist of satire