Wonderland Disappears!

‘Wonderland’ Disappears!

Alice in Wonderland could be heard complaining this past weekend, “Up, down, big, small, no matter how hard I try I never seem to fit in!”

But that complaint wasn’t the case with this year’s spring musical cast of Alice in Wonderland Jr. Each character in this AHN production perfected his or her part so that cast and crew produced a ravishing production of comedy, song, costumes, and acting.

At the final production on Sunday, February 23, actors paid tribute to seniors, stage crew and directors of this production.  Juniors Arlyn Barlaan, Meghan Wallace, and Windi Sanchez presented bouquets of roses to seniors Jennifer Compton, Charmaine Bondoc, Fromie Gonzalez, Brittany Jordan, Bridget Daly, Cavesha Anderson, Anna Castellano and Victoria Sierra. The girls commended and thanked Ms. Linda Ruescher for her steadfast help.  She and drama teacher Mrs. Stephanie Rotolo-Zummo received roses.


Spectators laughed alongside the cast as jokes, comical lines, and songs were said. Such as “Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah, Zip-A-Dee-Ah” with the caterpillar and small Alice, “Painting the Roses Red” with the queen of hearts, Alice and the cats. Eighth Notes members became part of the cast and were wonderland characters for a few songs with the Chesire cats. “I’m Alice!” while Alice dealt with her identity crisis two other wacky characters did as well, Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee, or is it Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. These two wonderland characters created numerous laughs when performing their song of “How Do You Do And Shake Hands” and jumbling themselves in a nicely tied knot.

Most nights, the audience was filled to capacity, each seat taken by family members and friends. The last performance on Sunday was packed with children of all ages, as well as proud grandparents and parents of performers who ranged in age from grades 6-12.  Besides the cast members meeting up after school for daily rehearsals, the cast hosted a party at Village Inn for the success of the play. All cast members will remember that weekend forever, the memories made will last a lifetime.


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‘Wonderland’ Disappears!