Good Reads: Take ‘Griffin and Sabine’ with you on spring break

Spring break is almost here and now is the time to pack a good book for the beach or for travel.  One of my favorites is Griffin and Sabine: Trilogy of an Extraordinary Correspondence by Nick Bantok.  Published in 1991, this book has been called a “pop-up book for adults” and continues to rate five stars on Amazon.

Griffin Moss, a lonely postcard designer from England, has become popular for his abstract art for Griffin Postcards. When a mysterious woman’s  postcard arrives at Griffin Moss’s doorstep, he is immediately drawn to the fact that the sender has been admiring his work for several years. Sabine Strohem resides in the Simon Islands in the South Pacific, and what’s more, she herself, is a stamp and postcard artist.

And so begins the extrordinary correspondance between the two strangers who live thousands of miles away. Griffin soon discovers that Sabine has been watching his artwork for years, but not in the way he expects. As the two find out more about each other, Sabine admits that she has some kind of special connection with him. In her head, she can see his artwork while he is painting it.  Even more fascinating for the reader is that you get to examine this art and the  beautiful postcards and even take the letters out of the envelopes to read.

Although it all began with one postcard, the world of Griffin Mossworld is forever turned upside down by this outlandish woman. Both end up falling in love and decide they must meet. Griffin says he must take time off, but he will return home. Sabine writes a post card telling Griffin that she will meet him at his London home on his return. However, their attempt falls short as Sabine showed no signs of ever having been there.

Will he ever meet Sabine? Has all of Griffin’s loneliness driven him to madness? Is Sabine just a figment of his imagination?

These questions will keep you reading way into the night, or just admiring the beautiful graphics that makes these three books unique.

For would-be artists, you might end up buying next Sabine’s Notebook, which is part story and part sketchbook.



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Good Reads: Take ‘Griffin and Sabine’ with you on spring break