‘Boy Meets World’: Where are they now?

The 90s were the golden age of childhood for many AHN high school students. Some Academy alums and students may wonder,  “What happened to them?” when thinking about their favorite actors and actresses, some of whom are still recognizable in other venues while other have faded away.

One of the ultimate 90s favorites is Boy Meets World which debuted in 1993 and expanded 153 episodes in its seven seasons. Ben Savage played the lead role, Cory Matthews. After Boy Meets World ended in 2000, Savage went to Stanford University and graduated in 2004 with a major in Political Science. Savage was also a member of Sigma Chi University. Today Savage continues a mild acting career, guest staring in popular shows today such as Disney’s Shake It Up and Fox’s Bones.

Danielle Fishel played one of the most popular roles on Boy Meets World, Topanga Lawrence, Cory Matthew’s love interest. Fishel was always a role model for young girls growing up because the way she presented herself. There was not a single viewer who did not want Cory and Topanga’s relationship. After Boy Meets World, Fishel decided to take some time off from acting to lead a more normal life style. Fishel returned to acting because as she describes it, “acting is in her blood.” Today Fishel acts as the host of Style Net Work’s The Dish.

Rider Strong played Shawn Hunter, one of the many heart throbs of the show.  The friendship Cory and Shawn shared was one of the best on television. After Boy Meets World Strong graduated from Columbia University with an English Major, and he went on to get a master in Fine Arts from Bennington College. Rider continued acting in films such as Cabin Fever as well as writing and directing his own short film, Irish Twins, with his brother. Strong also co-created a 30-second television ad in support of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, titled It Could Happen to You. In May 2008, named as the funniest ad, it became the first presidential commercial to air on MTV and Comedy Central raising $200,000 for Obama. More recently Strong has directed a short film, The Dungeon Master,  which follows a group of young adults who relive their youth by playing a round of Dungeons & Dragons and  which turns out terribly wrong.

Will Friedle played the main source of comedy relief, Eric Matthews, the older brother of Cory Matthews. Friedle attended Occidental College and has thought about attending Culinary School. After a successful acting career Friedle leaned more towards voice roles. He was responsible for the voice of Ron Stoppable from Disney’s Kim Possible, and is currently the voice of Batman in Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

Boy Meets World still lingers as one of Academy all-time favorite TV shows, and although the show has sadly ended, the success of its actors shows the variety of talents and interests each one added to the show.

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‘Boy Meets World’: Where are they now?