Modern twists on classic Snow White story

Two 2012 movies –Mirror, Mirror and Snow White and the Huntsman – take Snow White to a whole new level of fairy tale twists.

Mirror, Mirror starts with the archtypal evil queen in control of the kingdom. She exiles Snow White to prevent her from becoming the successor to the throne. When Snow White finds she is on her own, she asks the help of seven creative outcasts to secure her birthright.

While the outcasts teach her sword fighting techniques, Prince Alcott and Napoleon wander through the woods. The two end up being tied upside down on a tree.  Then Prince and Snow White meet, and the rest is history, at least until you go and see the movie debut on March 30. If this favorite story does not interest you, the cast is an all-star line-up with Julia Roberts and Lily Collins.

Snow White and the Huntsman, promises to be a different twist on a long-time classic. The huntsman, who was told by the Evil Queen to kill Snow White,  befriends her and becomes a confidant and body guard. They join forces to attempt a change in power by ridding the Evil Queen of her throne.

Meanwhile in the kingdom, the Evil Queen steals the youthful beauty of citizens to remain young and in power. As the Evil Queen catches wind of an uprising,  Snow White and the Huntsman ready for battle.

The rest is for theater-goers  to find out: will Snow White succeed the Queen, or will the Queen remain in power?  Patience is required for answers to these questions, as the film will not hit theaters until June 1.  To add more interest to this wait, the movie features an all-star cast line up with Kristen Stewart, Chris Hemsworth, and Charlize Theron.


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Modern twists on classic Snow White story