Academy students give thumbs up to Asolo production of ‘Macbeth’ at AHN


In this 50-minute adaptation, the Asolo Theatre cast will incorporate their vocal abilities to enhance the meaning and developments of the play

Christina Gerecke, Senior Section Editor

On the afternoon of Monday, October 15, the Asolo Repertory Theatre company of five actors and one director performed Shakespeare’s Macbeth, signifying Asolo’s third year in a row that it has presented at Academy. Academy students from grades 9-12 gave the performance a thumbs up as the best of the three productions so far.

The show ran approximately 50 minutes, followed by an open Q and A discussion with AHN students. In this adaptation, the cast incorporated their vocal abilities to enhance the meaning and developments of the play. Instead of the usual number of actors for the full stage play, the play has been shortened to include key lines and scenes from the play.

Asolo staff had already emailed Academy English teachers a guide to the play so that they could provide background information to their students. Seniors in English Honors had been studying this Shakespearean tragedy so they had the keenest appreciation for the performance. AP Lit students, who had just finished their study of Hamlet, will be analyzed a few key soliloquies from Macbeth to enhance their understanding of the play.

The Asolo Theatre Company is the FSU/Asolo Conservatory for Actor Training Program. Each year the program selectively chooses twelve students out of thousands who audition nationwide to partake in rigorous classroom training and professional production involvement. The three-year graduate program concludes with a Master of Fine Arts Degree. As Florida’s premier professional theatre, the company strives to share great stories with an exuberance that is certain to amuse and captivate audiences of all ages.

Adapted from Shakespeare’s play of power and ambition, Macbeth encompasses a new twist created by the Asolo Rep. To reach his aspiration of attaining the crown, Macbeth clutches a unique and special opportunity without considering the consequences. As Macbeth schemes to become the king of Scotland, ambition evolves into the object of obsession, guiding him to encounter evil and bloodshed.

The Asolo Repertory Theatre embarked on its New Stages Tour beginning on October 2, showcasing Shakespeare’s classic with a modernized look. By the end of their tour, the troupe will have presented at schools and community organizations across Florida.