Seniors take on American Stage Theatre performance of ‘A Doll’s House’


Seniors line the rows at American Stage Theatre in anticipation of opening act of “A Doll’s House.”

Christina Gerecke, Senior Section Editor

The door slam heard around the world that enthralled audiences years ago captivated the seniors on Tuesday, November 27.  The whole senior class attended Henrik Ibsen’s masterpiece “A Doll’s House” at the Raymond James Theatre in St. Petersburg.  The students were able to compare the play read in class with the sights and sounds of the American Stage Theatre Company.

The American Stage Theatre Company is the top-rated professional equity theatre in the Tampa Bay area. The company works to appreciate stories of the past while composing defining stories for our time.  The stories are alive to enrich young people and share the enjoyment of spectacular storytelling.

Executed masterfully by the American Stage Theatre Company, the play engaged the audience as it displayed the transformation of the protagonist Nora from a feminine to a new, modern woman.

“After reading and studying the play in my English class, the cast provided an accurate and enjoyable performance that brought the story to life,” explained Li Stalder.

Alexandra Diaz also described the play as “fantastic” and “highly recommends” that literature lovers go see it.

The American Stage Theatre Company is performing this modern classic in its Fall Series.  Still as wonderfully told as it was when it stormed theaters in 19th-century Europe, the play forces us to question how we express ourselves when we are challenged by society.