Academy’s colorful talent


Jessica Jurado

The AHN art students manage to complete many amazing projects within the short semester

Academy’s walls have always been lined with the talent of its students. Every year the school’s many art classes compile their finished work and display it across campus. The students splash color in every hallway with their skill and design. These projects are hardly ever missed by the frequent passerby, but are their makers given the credit they deserve?

Many works of art are displayed year-round, however, it can be hard to stop and appreciate the workmanship of fellow classmates when you only have five minutes to get from the fourth floor to the courtyard. Yet, even with the daily hallway traffic, the beautiful works don’t go unnoticed by AHN’s students.

“The art pieces are nice and make the hallways more bright and welcoming,” says freshman Riley Rubio. “I don’t always stop to admire the artwork, but I probably should since Academy has such great artists.”

The high school art program has thrived thanks to its loyal educators. These teachers help students express their creativity in many forms of visual artistry. Novices become experts as Academy provides gentle teaching techniques that ease each girl into the world of art. Those students who find their passion along the strokes of a paintbrush are given the tools necessary to further their skill within the classroom.

“Although I’ve never taken a visual arts class myself,” explains junior Rachel Anderson, “The projects I see spread around the school are really something. You can tell the art students put a lot of work into them.”

Next time you find yourself in between classes throughout the hectic days here at Academy, stop and spare some time to admire the color splashed ivory walls. Your fellow classmates have a wonderful talent displayed all around the school. You never know, you may find your own inspiration and undiscovered passion along the lines drawn by AHN’s artists.