Superbowl 2014: Commerical Highlights

Sunday, February 2, the Seattle Seahawks pummeled the Denver Broncos in a 43-8 victory. It was the most important football related event of the year, but we all know the commercials are what people really talk about the day after. So, to recap, here are the commercial highlights from this year’s Super bowl.


This year, Doritos featured not just one, but two ads. Both were funny without being completely outrageous. The first one features a time machine and a cute kid with a plan to steal his neighbors Doritos. The second, sticking with the theme of adorable children, featured a kid sheriff and a race between to brothers to reach the Doritos first.


This commercial features tough guy Bruce Willis in what starts out as a seemingly serious commercial.  Then, it quickly becomes funny as the camera pans out and we see an overly excited Fred Armisen giving Willis a hug.

Wonderful Pistachio

After a week of Suberb Owl coverage, Stephen Colbert appeared in a commercial as well. In a two-part commercial for Wonderful Pistachios. Using his comedic presence and timing, he delivers a really memorable commercial.


Coca-cola played a beautiful ad featuring the “America the Feautiful” in multiple languages. The commercial has sparked slight controversy among some conservative groups for not being in exclusively English, but it’s a reminder of the multiple cultures that combine and form a singular American culture.

Dannon Oikos

Dannon Oikos spokesman John Stamos once again made an appearance in the company’s commercial. However, what makes this ad special is that it reunites him with his Full House co-stars Bob Saget and Dave Coulier.


To show why compromising is a bad thing a fictional couple imagines a hybrid Chihuahua/Doberman pinscher. The result is hilarious and slightly terrifying and makes for one of the strangest commercials of the game. It’s a little bit out there, but certainly grabs your attention.


Another standout car commercial was this one from Jaguar. It features movie villains all played by British actors. Ben Kingsley (The Mandarin from Iron Man 3), Tom Hiddleston (Loki from Thor and The Avengers), and Mark Strong (Blackwood from Sherlock Holmes) all appear and the result is sure to delight movie-buffs.


The most adorable commercial of the game was this Budweiser commercial. It tells the story of an inseparable friendship between a puppy and a horse. Its sure to melt even the iciest of hearts.


Capitalizing on the anticipation of the upcoming Muppets, Toyota’s ad featured an unsuspecting Terry Crews picking up a group of Muppet hitchhikers. The car ride quickly escalates into chaos, but its nonetheless enjoyable to watch.