Scandal star in real life drama

Kristen Dawson, Senior Staff Writer

Scandal star Columbus Short, known to viewers as “Harrison”, plays a “gladiator in a suit” on the ABC drama. Harrison Wright is a member of the crisis management team at Olivia Pope’s consulting firm, Olivia Pope & Associates where he is the Senior Associate. Olivia Pope & Associates work with wealthy elite political clients to fix any problems they may face.

Wednesday March 19, Short was accused of and arrested for aggravated assault. Short reportedly brutally beat a man who was talking badly about Short’s wife.  The incident took place in Rancho Park, Los Angeles, California. Witnesses told TMZ that after “sucker punching” the man, Short left the victim unconscious and took off. Short could face a maximum of four years in state prison if found guilty.

These charges are bringing other charges of Short’s to light. In June 2010 Short faced battery charges stemming from an incident with a man at an LA Fitness. This charge was later reduced to disturbing the peace and Short was placed on a three year informal probation. This past February, Short pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor spousal battery.

In the show Olivia saved Short’s character, Harrison, from prison. The show never states what he was found guilty of, however. Harrison was placed on probation just as he was in real life.

With this violent past I bet Short is wishing Olivia Pope would come fix everything.