The Fault in Our Stars film: AHN girls are “okay” with it

With the summer blockbuster movie season quickly approaching, the excitement for new movies is tangible amongst our generation. A handful of these summer flicks includes remake of older, well-known movies or adaptations of novels. One such book-to-movie sensation is The Fault In Our Stars. I have personally seen an increase in number of this blue, cloud-covered book around Academy halls in the hands of first time readers (and re-readers alike) as its June premier date creeps closer. This hit novel, written by young adult fiction author/YouTuber  John Green, tells the tale of a teen cancer-fighter, Hazel Lancaster (played by Shailene Woodley, and the gorgeous plot twist named Augustus Waters(Ansel Elgort), who walks into her life one day at her Cancer Kid Support Group and changes her life. The story, both heartbreaking and insightful, explores the funny, thrilling, and tragic business of being alive and in love. TFIOS (affectionately named by fans) is gaining even more publicity momentum as the opening night of the movie adaptation looms.

With less than a month to go, how are these fans of the book feeling about the movie? I took to our school halls to find out what teens are saying about it.

Senior Maggie McNamara is a recent reader of the book, saying, “I was shocked by how much I liked the book! I usually don’t get this into a book so it definitely took me by surprise. That’s one reason I’m actually super excited to see how the movie will turn out.”

However, she did share some worries about the movie process, “I really hope they don’t try to change the plot too much or something like that.”

“Tears everywhere,” Megan Glogowski immediately responded upon hearing the title of this heart-wrenching novel. “I’m really excited to see it, even though I know I’ll cry throughout the whole movie; the cast is absolutely perfect,” the senior added.

“I’ve seen a lot of book-adaptations gone wrong, and I was initially nervous about the movie, but John Green has talked very highly about it and, ultimately, I trust his opinion.”


Junior Paola Farah agreed with the tears of Megan, expressing her thoughts: “I hope it’s going to be exactly the same or as close as possible to the book, because the book brought me to tears.”


The book and upcoming movie also stirred eagerness amongst the underclassmen. Freshman Valerie White shared her thoughts: “I’m really excited for the movie! From the trailers that I’ve seen, the movie adaptation looks amazing. Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort look really cute together, and I’m positive I’ll bring tissues to this one!”


Though there are a few uncertainties about the movie, the qualms of Academy girls are overcome in general by their enthusiastic anticipation. Get pumped up with the rest of Academy by checking out the original trailer here or the extended trailer here. If you go see it when it comes out June 6, don’t forget to bring tissues! Okay? Okay.