The Making of Hairspray: Costumes


Siobhan Lynch, Senior Staff Writer

8 am. That’s what time Lizzie Dolan, who played Penny in Academy’s production of Hairspray, had to arrive at Academy before her Saturday performance. Why did she have to get there so early? To become transformed into Penny of course! One of the most important parts of a production is the costumes. So what went on behind the scenes in order to transform our beautiful academy girls into 60s-styled gals?

The Hair:

High ponies and poofs. The picture-perfect image of the 60s. Each perfectly curled ponytail was topped with a ribbon. For characters such as Tracy and Edna, the hair was HUGE! Their hair was teased to perfection, hair-sprayed so much that part of the O-Zone layer was probably removed (haha just kidding!… well sort of), and finished with a giant bow.

tracy and edna
Tracy (Ally Pazzi) and Edna (Emilie Ulbricht) Photo Credit: Sydney Schaefer


Photo Credit: Siobhan Lynch



The Makeup:

Bright red lips,bright eyeshadow, and lots and lots of blush. The bright colors bring out the 60s, as well as making sure that no one looks washed out in the bright lights of the stage.

Photo Credit: Siobhan Lynch



The Costumes:

Each costume was individually hand made- custom to each girl’s character! While the “Nicest Kids in Town” donned poofy purple dresses, characters like Penny Pingelton and Little Inez had customized frocks.

Lizzie's orange dress and white bow made her a mirror image of Penny!
Photo By: Siobhan Lynch
The orange dress and white bow made Penny stand out on stage
Little Inez’ (Khalea Armstrong) yellow dress matches her outgoing personality. Photo Credit: Siobhan Lynch