Live Action Cinderella Movie More Enchanting Than Original Cartoon

There has been a lot of hype about the live action disney “Cinderella”. This live action style of movie is a great way to draw in audiences of all ages to watch these fairy tale type stories. For this movie specifically, the “Frozen” short film drew in many people. Viewers have been giving it a great reaction. It has brought in $17.0 million dollars from the box office so far. The stars of this film include Lily James as Ella, Richard Madden as Kit, Cate Blanchett as The Wicked Stepmother, Sophie McShera as Drisella, Holliday Grainger as Anastasia, Stellan Skarsgård as The Grand Duke.


Unlike the original Cinderella movie this new rendering gives more of a background into Ella’s childhood before she lost her parents and was left with her stepmother and stepsisters. After she was left with them they treated her terribly. She was forced to served them and live in the cold, drafty, attic. The audience is introduced early to a phrase her mom said, ”Have courage and be kind.” and that is what Ella did. No matter how she was treated, she was always kind. This is a very important message for the girls who see this movie. She got her happy ending because she was unlike the people who treated her like a servant.


The “Frozen” short was just a ten minute film that brought a smile and laugh to everyone in the theater. It also included a new catchy song for Anna’s birthday from her sister, Elsa, who just wants the day to be perfect for her. It was a very lovable uplifting short film that put the audience in a good mood.


Personally, I thought it was a great movie and set the standard high for the new live action movies. It had the Disney magic, the characters one could truly connect with, romance, heartache, and that fairy tale happy ending everyone loves. I went with my best friend and we honestly only went to see the Frozen short. We were both pleasantly surprised with this film and it even brought tears to my eyes at one point. Overall, Disney did a great job in the making of this film and I am very excited for the new movies coming out in the years to come.