iPhone 6s: The Newest Addition to the Apple Family


credits: Jillian Suarez

IPhone 6s owners love the new advancements.

On September 9, 2014, Apple Inc., the world’s largest technology company, released the iPhone 6 , an exceptional phone in nearly every way. More than ten million of these devices were sold in the first three days, and four million phones were preordered in the first 24 hours of being released. Recently, on September 28, 2015, Apple Inc. has stepped up their game again, releasing the new and improved iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus; “The only thing that has changed is everything.” 


What’s so special about the iPhone 6s? The new improvements include a high quality (almost professional) camera, 3D touch, a stronger glass cover, and a new finish color, rose gold. An employee at the Apple Store, Jay Breanne stated, “Probably the thing that stands out the most is the 3D touch, which allows people to navigate their phones easier, depending on how much pressure they apply with their finger.” Another popular addition to the iPhone 6s is the 4K camera. “The new camera on the iPhone 6s is definitely my favorite part because I love photography, and the camera quality is almost professional”, says Jay Breanne.

"The iPhone 6s is definitely the best phone on the market." - Apple Employee
“The iPhone 6s is definitely the best phone on the market.” – Apple Employee

Like everything else that is brand new, the iPhone 6s has some glitches that are in the process of being fixed. The biggest problem that most owners seem to have is that the iPhone 6s has a very low battery life compared to the previous Apple devices. Some issues also include having a hard time working the camera, exceedingly hot Touch ID sensors, and in some cases, phones turning off randomly for no reason. Despite these minor problems, the iPhone 6s is has been extremely successful and owners are overall very happy with their device.

The iPhone 6s comes in gold, silver, space gray, and the new color, rose gold.
The iPhone 6s comes in gold, silver, space gray, and the new color, rose gold.

In the short amount of time the iPhone 6s has been released, it has changed the future of phones. Apple enthusiasts can’t wait to see what the iPhone 7 has in store!