Life Lessons from Shonda Rhimes

If you’re a female, with a bit of  free time, and a tiny Netflix addiction- you’re bound to have had the pleasure to watch a Shonda Rhimes show. Her shows air on ABC and include Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and How To Get Away with Murder. Her messages, many that which involve female empowerment, tied together with love triangles and action-packed drama, have viewers tuning in every Monday night during the Fall and Spring TV seasons.

Some of her themes  may even reflect her own life as Rhimes is an African-American woman that has made her mark in the television producing world. Obtaining a net worth of 60 million, she is instituting a revolution. Within each of her episodes, Academy girls have been given a new perspective on life and many lessons that go with it.

Freshman, Isabella Bahr claims:

“Shonda Rhimes taught me that  like Meredith Grey in Grey’s Anatomy, I have to do well in school. Because Meredith didn’t become a surgeon and meet McDreamy if it weren’t for her many years of hard work in her school time.”

Junior, Ashley Achin believes:

“In Scandal, I realized dressing to impress while slaying my  job is a goal of mine.”

Sophomore Bella Kirkpatrick states:

Grey’s Anatomy taught me that you always need somebody to get through life, you won’t survive without having a person.’”

Junior, Anna Padron ( Rhimes enthusiast) somberly states:

“I learned that everyone dies… and it sucks.”

Senior, Olivia Rivas reflects:

“She taught me that if something is worth fighting for, don’t give up no matter how hopeless it seems.”

Freshman Grace Buckhorn jokingly remarks:

Grey’s taught me that if you have hiccups, you could potentially be dying.”


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