Can You Tell Which Students and Teachers Face-Swapped? (QUIZ)


Credit: Audrey Cooper/Achona Online

To commence the face swap feature, users must access the lenses and align their faces within the two smiley faces provided. Snapchat does the rest!

A recent Snapchat update including the addition of “lenses” has taken the Smartphone application to another level for frequent users. Before the lens, Snapchat first implemented filter and geotag features, that provided several options to enhance the quality of photos taken and select a decorative stamp indicative of location. The newer lens feature now allows for the addition of an array of special effects, visually and auditorily, ranging from animals to face deformities to supernatural scenes.

Initially, these lenses were available for purchase in the ‘lens store’. However, Snapchat closed this feature on January 8th, although the free lenses continue to update daily to keep things interesting. Most recently, Academy girls have been taking advantage of the new “face swap” feature that is designed to detect the faces of two users and essentially “swap” them with each other. Several students have managed to catch their teachers outside of the classroom and convince them to “face swap” with them. Take this quiz to see if you can identify who’s who.