Karlie Kloss, the Modern Renaissance Woman


Credit: youtube.com

Model, entrepreneur, vlogger, and student Karlie Kloss can easily be defined as a modern Renaissance woman.

Vanessa Alvarez, Sports Editor

Illinois native Karlie Kloss is well known for her iconic strut down the runway as a model, as well as being pop phenomenons, Taylor Swift’s, best friend. The twenty three year old has a long list of accomplishments including walking in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show from 2013 to 2015, as well as being named one of the top models of the 2000’s by Vogue Paris. For spending as much time as she does posing for pictures and walking down the runway, many can easily assume modeling completely consumes her life. However, Kloss is an ideal role model men and women should look up to, due to her talents and accomplishments.

Being an advocate for healthy lifestyles, Kloss was able to take her passion for baking and make it something fun and healthy for everyone. In 2012, the supermodel partnered with Christina Tosi to create her own brand of cookies known as “Karlie’s Kookies.” Karlie’s Kookies are tins of six individually wrapped cookies that are both gluten and dairy free, giving these sweet treats a healthier advantage. Rice and Spice Tin, The Coco Tin, Perfect 10 Tin, and 5Boro Tin are the four options offered when ordering cookies. In a video on her YouTube channel, she reveals her grandmother taught her how to bake, and adds that she began learning how to read by looking at cookbooks. In an Academy fashion, Kloss loves to bake for friends and family members especially on birthdays because, “It takes time and energy and love.”

In addition to her baking talents, Kloss is currently enrolled at New York University and is studying coding. In simple terms, coding is the use of  letters and numbers to create instructions for a computer to do something and when to do it.

Junior Audrey Anello shares her love for Kloss by exclaiming, “I think Karlie is setting a great example for boys and girls! She teaches them that it’s okay to embrace any quirky talents or interests that you may have. Her project with all the coding classes show that because she’s a supermodel, and you’d never expect she enjoys coding.”

While receiving her own education, Kloss encourages many young women to join her in coding. After teaming up with the FlatIron School, she created her own camp for high school girls, called Koding with Karlie. There have been hundreds of applications sent in to win the Karlie Scholarship, however, only twenty one high school women are selected to learn how to code with Kloss. The best part about this camp, is that students don’t have to have any experience in coding. All students have to do is submit a video describing why they have a desire to learn how to code. According to the FlatIron School’s website, a small 12% of women get bachelor’s degrees in computer science. Kloss has taken the challenge to change this, and introduce more women into the fascinating world of coding.

Recently, Kloss has added to a long list of her talents by launching her first YouTube channel, well known to the world as Klossy. This channel is used as a source for the twenty three year old to share pieces of her story with her fans. She posts behind the scenes footage from different photo shoots, question and answer videos, along with baking videos. In her first video, where she welcomes fans to her channel, Kloss reveals that she is used to being in front of the camera, but never her own. She’s shares behind the scenes footage from Taylor Swift’s 1989 tour in Hyde Park, England, a runway show from Michael Kors, and one from her good friends, Diane von Furstenberg’s, show. She also recently teamed up with ELLE to interview inspiring women of all different ages, backgrounds, and workforces. Kloss’s charming, kind, and engaging personality has attracted nearly 430,000 subscribers.

Throughout the course of high school, students can easily find themselves being discouraged from pursuing their dreams. They become easily stressed from having so much on their plate, from sports to countless hours of homework. Kloss exemplifies how any dream is reachable as long as effort is put to achieve it.

Anello adds, “She sends a good message to her audience by not being afraid of her interests and embracing her quirkiness. No one should feel bad about themselves and Karlie shows that in how successful she is while still being herself.”

Being a full time model, student, baker, and vlogger, Kloss continues to inspire so many others to get involved and to follow their dreams. In each step she takes, Kloss inspires others to, “Make the world a little Klossy.”