Everything to Know About New York Fashion Week


Credit: Ellie Abdoney

There will be over 300 events for New York Fashion Week. They generate about $900 million for the NYC area.

Ellie Abdoney, Sports Editor

 Thursday, September 8 marks the beginning of New York Fashion Week, one of the main events in the Fashion Industry and in New York City. Top models and designers from all over the world gather at The Big Apple to exhibit their collections to buyers and the public. The week is filled with extravagant parties, shows,and presentations, most of which are invitation only.

Senior, Maria Cacciatore, states, “I’m most excited for the Versace show because every collection is different and manage to kill it every time.”

Gigi Hadid, one of the most popular models at NYFC, will be launching her first collection with Tommy Hilfiger next week. She will be joined by Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, Taylor Hill, and Hailey Baldwin on the runway.

Sophomore, Blakely Byrd, stated, “I am especially excited to see what Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid will do because I am most familiar with them and I follow them on social media.”

Kanye West’s debut of Yeezy collection is already one of the most coveted events of Fashion Week. He also promised a performance of his much-anticipated album, Life of Pablo.


Yeezy Season 4

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In addition, this will be pop-star, Rihanna’s, first runway, presenting the new Puma collection.  

“I am so excited to see Rihanna”, stated senior, Riley Rubio. “She is such a talented performer, so I think she will do really well on the runway also.”

Although some events at NYFW are free and open to the public, most events require an $80 application fee, and that does not even guarantee approval of the application. There is good news, however, that everyone is able to watch the fashion shows live online.

Senior, Camille Opp, who has been a professional model for several years states, “I love New York Fashion Week because it is so inspiring and I love seeing everyone come together from all over the world.”

This year’s New York Fashion Week will have many surprises and will definitely be a success!