Why Carpool Karaoke Is Taking Over The World

Valerie White, Senior Staff Writer

Anyone and everyone is raving about The Late Late Show’s James Corden’s genius segment, “Carpool Karaoke.” The idea takes place in Corden’s car where he interviews a celebrity or recording artist (sometimes multiple) and incorporates karaoke in-between.

Corden is able to take such a simple concept, karaoke, and turn it into something hilariously popular. By driving around in the carpool lane, the audience at home is able to see another perspective of their favorite celebrities and music artists and learn more about them. It creates a behind-the-scenes view.

Academy Junior, Christina Alarcon explains why she thinks these videos became so popular, “Everyone loves it, because it’s funny and you get to see celebrities having fun. It shows that celebrities are real people too.”

Corden’s growing popularity and demand gives him the opportunity to reach platforms other than TV. Between thousands of Facebook shares, Twitter retweets, and millions of views on Youtube, he is able to connect with multiple generations worldwide through social media.

Senior Kathryn Byers, avid fan of James Corden’s most popular segment, expresses her excitement, “It’s literally my life, James Corden is my savior. Now every time I hear “Drag Me Down” by One Direction, I sing the rap they made.”

Have yet to experience this phenomena? Here’s a playlist of all the karaoke fun, but be careful; they’re addicting.

Senior Olivia Stevens raves about her recent addiction, “For 2 1/2 hours my friends and I watched all the Carpool Karaokes, that’s how obsessed we are. James Corden is just the man.”

From celebrities to Broadway stars to iconic music artists, Corden does a fantastic job establishing a new style of interviewing.