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March 7, 2017


Senior, Rachel Rosales, says, “I have never been to the Florida Strawberry Festival until this year and realized how much I have been missing out!” Photo Credit: Chloe Paman/Achona Online

Through March 2 to March 12, 2017, the Florida Strawberry Festival will be in full swing. Since 1930, this annual festival spans through ten days filled with concerts, rides, and strawberries. Located in Plant City, Florida, this festival entertains people from all ages. 

As you walk through the grounds, there are a large array of food choices to choose from. From generic fair food, such as hot dogs and burgers, to the unique fried Oreos and chocolate dipped bacon. It is truly a delicacy in need to be tried at least once in your life. Another big find that is only located at the Florida Strawberry Festival is the St. Clement Make-Your-Own Strawberry Shortcake Ministry. Here, you pay $4.00 to be given either a cake or a biscuit to make your strawberry short cake.


Florida Strawberry Festival 2017 – Food from AchonaOnline on Vimeo.


Finding sources of entertainment is not hard at this fair. Within ten feet of wherever you are standing, there will be a game station where you can win large prizes or a roller coaster. There are three categories of rides at this festival: Major Rides, Spectacular Rides, and Kiddie and Family Rides.

Major Rides:

  • Orbiter
  • Crown Merry Go Round
  • Eagle
  • Giant Slide
  • Mardi-Gras
  • Morbid Manor
  • Scrambler

Spectacular Rides:

  • Music Express
  • Giant Wheel
  • Giant Scooters
  • Vertigo
  • Fireball
  • Foot Loose

Kiddie and Family Rides:

  • Jet Ski
  • Dizzy Dragon
  • Chopper Hopper
  • Frog Hopper
  • Wet Boats

All rides have height requirements


Florida Strawberry Festival 2017 – Entertainment from AchonaOnline on Vimeo.

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