2014 is known for its popularity in Starbucks frappuccinos, Victoria Secret, the color pink, and the band One-Direction.
2014 is known for its popularity in Starbucks frappuccinos, Victoria Secret, the color pink, and the band One-Direction.
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5 events that turn 10 in 2024

While some think of 2014 as just a few years ago, the new year brings many iconic and well-known moments to its tenth anniversary. 2024 allows some to remember how different pop culture was ten years ago, and others to reminisce on memories of their childhood. 

1989 is Swift’s fifth studio album, with the original having fifteen tracks (Ava Radovic/Canva/Achona online)

#1: Original 1989 releases 

While Swift just re-released 1989 (Taylor’s version), Swift relabeled her previous country persona with her first complete pop album, 1989, in October of 2014. Radios were then taken over with her hits including, “Shake it Off”, “Blank Space”, and “Bad Blood”, in addition to speculation about whether the song “Style” was about One Direction member, Harry Styles. This album not only solidified Taylor Swift as one of the most versatile artists in the industry but secured her spot as one of the biggest pop stars in the world.

Other stars that participated consisted of Bill Gates, Ellen Degeneres, and Jimmy Fallon

#2: Ice bucket challenge 

During the summer, three amyotrophic lateral sclerosis patients dumped ice buckets over their heads in support of the ALS association, not knowing they would be leading a trend that would take over the internet globally. Soon after, others took the opportunity to video themselves doing the same, to also raise money for the organization. By the time the challenge ended, over seventeen million participated in the “ice bucket” challenge, raising over $115 million with the participation of celebrities like Adam Levine and Mark Zuckerberg. 

Yasmeen Luzod (‘26) says “I vividly remember the ice bucket challenge, my brothers and I participated in it.”  

The rape allegation led to Cosby receiving a felony, and three to ten years in prison (Ava Radovic/Canva/Achona online)

#3: Bill Cosby rape allegations

Actor and longtime celebrity, Bill Cosby’s reputation was forever altered when it was revealed he was a celebrity rapist due to a video circulating in 2014. Shortly after the video was publicized, as many as sixty women came forth to tell their true encounters with the star. The accusations consisted of cases of rape, sexual battery, and drug-facilitated sexual assault. Just the next year, in 2015, he was convicted of aggravated indecent assault but was released a few years later in 2021. This case allowed for numerous women’s voices to be heard, in conjunction with the argument that Cosby’s punishment was too lenient.

Kim spent her morning in Paris getting ready before flying to Italy

#4: Kim and Kanye’s Wedding 

While many recall Kim and Kanye’s messy divorce from 2021-2022, 2014 engendered one of the most iconic celebrity weddings in pop culture. With the presence of their eldest daughter, North West, the pair were married not only in Florence Italy, but in France as well. The wedding featured a state-of-the-art floral background, and also renowned Italian singer, Andrea Bocelli, sang Con te Patiro, as Kardashian walked down the aisle. Famous guests attended as well, including The Kardashian family, Jaden Smith, and John Legend. All in all, the “Kimye” wedding sparked much speculation and tabloid gossip regarding their ornate ceremony, and the absence of close friends, Jay-Z and Beyonce. 

The Lego Movie did so well at the Box Office, it created a sequel, and the third is also in the works ( Ava Radovic/Canva/Achona online)

#5: The Lego movie 

Last but not least, children were enthralled by the animated movie, “The Lego Movie”. The children’s film follows Emmet, an ordinary construction worker as he is enlisted as the Keymaster of Legos, and must stop the tyrant that is trying to glue the universe together. The Warner Brothers’ movie stars actors such as Chris Pratt, Will Ferrell, Elizabeth Banks, and Morgan Freeman. The movie soundtrack was also a popular component, as their song “Everything is Awesome” was a hit across children’s playlists. Ultimately, the movie brought all Lego users together and sparked interest amongst the parents with the A-list cast. 

Sophomore Khloe Clay says, “Even though I wasn’t the biggest fan of legos, the movie was iconic, and it was on a lot during my childhood.” 

The vast difference in pop culture events between 2014 and 2024 directly demonstrates just how far we have changed in ten years. The events also showcase the impact the media had on much of Gen Z’s childhood. 




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