New math teacher commits to excellence in math

New math teacher commits to excellence in math

After five years of teaching at Tampa Catholic, Mrs. DiPierro is now Academy’s new math teacher.  Reminded of the college she attended, Wesleyan College, she fell in love with the Academy campus and knew she wanted to be a witness to the Academy sisterhood.

Majoring in math, Mrs. DiPierro’s passion has always had something to do with numbers. She is currently teaching Geometry regular and honors and AP Calculus. Starting college in a Calculus III class, she is very well equipped for the job. Passionate about her students and her work, she is confident in her ability to teach her girls everything they need to succeed.
With high spirits she says, “I am very passionate about calculus and I want all of my AP students to get a 5 on the exam!”

So far, Mrs. DiPierro loves the single-sex environment and feels it is very beneficial to a girl’s education.

“Academy reminds me of Wesleyan College, an all-girls college I attended in Georgia. In an all-girls environment we are really able to be ourselves, which is very important,” she says.

Excited for the upcoming year and very pleased with her warm Academy welcome, her best experience so far has been meeting the wonderful faculty and the bright students she is able to teach.

Mrs. DiPierro shares Academy girl’s love of food. “I love Academy. Everyone has been so nice. Someone even made me brownies for my birthday!”

Not only do the students and faculty welcome Mrs. DiPierro whole-heartedly, they all believe she is a wonderfully intelligent woman and a great fit for Academy.

Fellow faculty member Sister Ann Reagan states, “Mrs. DiPierro’s style and spirit makes her an ideal match for the Academy faculty and a gift to the Academy students.”

Ready for the challenge of teaching AP Calculus for the first time, Mrs. DiPierro’s plan of action is to give the girls all the tools necessary to complete the exam knowing they are capable of receiving a 5 and not panicking when they see a strange problem. Already succeeding in her plan, her students are starting to feel confident in their abilities.

Set 1 AP Calculus student Sarah Davis says, “AP Calc is definitely going to be a challenging course, and Mrs. DiPierro has already helped us feel much more confident in what we already know and the new material we have started in class.”

Along with receiving her Masters Degree in either math or education, Mrs. DiPierro’s long-term goal is to stay at Academy.

“I want to stay at Academy forever. I want to be one of those teachers who never leaves and has her previous students come and visit her,” say DiPierro excited to continue her journey at Academy.

Mrs. DiPierro is excited to spend the remainder of her teaching career at the Academy and is looking forward to seeing her first class at the Academy graduate!


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New math teacher commits to excellence in math