New physics teacher loves being back at Academy

New physics teacher loves being back at Academy

Ms. Danielle Groenen wears her UC Davis shirt with pride on Faculty Spirit Day.

Cara Millburg and Mia Perez, Social Justice Editor and Multimedia Reporter

This year, Academy’s science department made way for Ms. Danielle Groenen. She guides ninth graders in the challenging course of physics.

Ms. Groenen can relate to the stressful times of the underclassmen because she herself went to Academy for ninth and tenth grade. A family relocation to Belgium required  Ms. Groenen to complete high school at The International School of Belgium.

“The move was difficult because it was right after 9/11, and there was some hostility towards Americans.”

After high school, Ms. Groenen went on to the University of York, UK to receive her Bachelor Degree in Science. Her original plan was to return to the States for undergrad, but she decided to stay in Europe. She returned to the US to study at  University of California,  Davis,  to complete her Masters in Science.