Taste? Or Nutrition?

As more and more Academy girls choose healthier food alternatives, their new must-have desserts have also changed. Turning away from confectionary sugar, Academy girls favor frozen yogurt over cupcakes as their most-wanted sweet.

Yogurtology, as well as other frozen-yogurt spots, have flourished recently in the Tampa-Bay area. Academy girls, who have talents of baking and supplying candy to numerous in-school occasions, see frozen yogurt as a better way to enjoy sweets without the calories of cupcakes.

Frozen yogurt is a low calorie snack of approximately 120 calories with three fats and 18 carbohydrates. Cupcakes, on the other hand, have 250 calories with eight grams of fat and 17 carbohydrates.  

“It’s popular because it’s healthy, low-fat, and doesn’t give you that bad feeling after you eat it,” said junior Rae Knopik. Senior Cassidy Morrison believes that “its healthier so more people want to eat it.”

However, some Academy girls believe that frozen yogurt has become the favorite afternoon “treat” for other reasons. “Each cup of frozen yogurt expresses your own personality one way or another,” said senior  Sumble Sadiq.

Sophomore Abena Baffoe-Bonnie also thinks that it’s “a perfect healthy snack for any moment of the day.”

Although the majority of students enjoy frozen yogurt at their favorite yogurt-spots, many girls still believe that cupcakes are the best among all sweets. Some of the junior class think that frozen yogurt does not have the “cuteness” that cupcakes have.

The topic of “which is best” is divided among the school, but all students still believe that the best still has improvements. “I wish it had more protein, so it could be a full meal as well as be available throughout the day”  says sophomore Alina Ossi. 

The different opinions among Academy students may vary but not their love of sweets and sugar. Whether it is frozen yogurt, cupcakes, or other desserts, high school girls will always find a way to satisfy their cravings throughout each day.

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Taste? Or Nutrition?