Seniors celebrate Thanksgiving early by giving thanks

Seniors celebrate Thanksgiving early by giving thanks

The casual observer could not be faulted for assuming that college, homework, and boys represent the primary motivations of an Academy senior’s life. However, the class of 2012 is far more substantive than these concerns suggest. This Thanksgiving season they have shown that they are indeed cognizant of their many blessings. Academy senior Regina Salup rallied the class to create a beautiful display in honor of the holiday. Each student wrote on a paper feather things for which she is personally thankful. The feathers in turn became part of a Thanksgiving turkey collage.

The Thanksgiving spirit did not stop there, however. The Friday before Thanksgiving saw seniors dress up as pilgrims and Native Americans, bob for apples, engage a pie eating contest, and battle it out in a tug-of-war competition at the same time that they remembered their many blessings.

The succinct phrase “family and friends” was the most popular subject of thanks by far, but a few students did not stop at a mere three words. Instead, they wrote a prolific saga of praise: “Family. Friends. Food. Pets. Television. Pools. Water. A home. A cat. Money. Clothes. Cell phone. Internet. Key West. Ocean. Vacations. Nature. Glasses. Top Chef series. God.” Yet, others were brief but cryptic as embodied by the single word “reddit.” Some were somewhat repetitive, as was the case of the individual who singled out dragons repeatedly as her object of thanks.

Nevertheless, a more touching subject of appreciation referred to “my 76 sisters,” the Academy senior class itself. “Faith” and “education” were commonly mentioned as well. One senior summed up these themes on her feather: “My family, friends, tennis, AHN, class of 2012, and the opportunities I have every day.” Perhaps the most touching words of thanks came from senior homeroom teachers who expressed gratitute for “my family, my students, the SNJMs, dogs, soldiers, health, random acts of kindness, and great friends.”

Yet, one insightful senior managed to encompass every possible source of joy in two short words-“Being alive.”

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Seniors celebrate Thanksgiving early by giving thanks