Creative ways to ask your date to Prom

Creative ways to ask your date to Prom

With Prom fast approaching, Academy girls are scrambling to find an innovative way to ask their dates to prom. So for those who are struggling to think of ideas, here are some fun and creative ways some of our Academy girls have asked their dates to the prom. Use these examples as inspiration for your own ideas.

The most audacious people should be bold and ask in a public place.

1. Hold a sign in a public place

Just recently one of our seniors was asked to a prom in a movie theatre at which the young man held up a signrom. For those of you who aren’t easily embarrassed, holding up a sign in a public place is always a cute idea and very bold.

2. Send him on a scavenger hunt

Set up a variety of notes at different locations where he will receive one letter of the word “Prom”. When he reaches the final destination, you can be there with a sign with a “?”  on it and he can put together the word “Prom?”. This is a fun and elaborate way to ask a boy to prom.


However, not all of us are as bold to do things in a public place, so here are some ideas for those who would prefer to do something more subtle.

3. Bring him lunch at school

A cute way to ask a boy to prom is to bring him lunch at school. This past week one of our Academy juniors brought lunch to a boy and wrote on the cup of the drink “Prom?”.

4. Decorate his room

Find a time when your prospective date is not home and decorate his room with balloons or posted notes that spell out “Prom.” This idea is intimate and a fun surprise for anyone being asked to prom.

5. Tag his car

Find a good time when his car is vacant and bring window markers and write on his car something witty asking him to prom.

6. Bring him food

If there is one thing that boys truly love, its food. Bring in cupcakes or maybe even a cake that says “Prom” on it. It will be a deliciously cute way to ask him to prom.

7. Have a pizza delivered to his house

A very clever way is to have a pizza delivered to his house that says on the box, “I know this is cheesy, but will you go to prom with me?” and then when he opens the box the pizza will have “Prom” spelled out in pepperoni pieces. Very clever and delicious!

While  a simple phone call is always acceptable, asking a boy to prom in a creative way is a little more interesting and can be fun for you and your prospective date. So even if you are not the most outgoing person, these ideas will hopefully help you get out of your comfort zone and ask that boy to prom in a special way.


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Creative ways to ask your date to Prom