Student Council finishes year with Pool Party for seniors

Student Council finishes year with Pool Party for seniors

Once again, Student Council at the Academy has demontrated a job well done through numerous events and activities it has accomplished this year. However, members are not quite done.  The end of the school year is fast approaching, but Student Council still has one last event to put together: Senior Pool Party on Thursday, May 3, which follows the seniors’ traditional run through Academy Halls, ending in a celebratory jump in the campus pool.

The Council’s most recent event was the  Secret Pal Luncheon on Wednesday, April 25. For this annual event, each Student Council member signs up to serve as a “secret pal” who treats a teacher to a little gift or surprise each month. Not until the luncheon does the Secret Pal reveal herself to the teacher. This year the teachers and girls enjoyed  a lunch consisting of mini-Cuban sanwiches, homemade chicken salad, chips, and dessert treats in the Board Room.  The faces of teachers and students showed their gratitude as both exchanged small gifts of appreciation.

As always, the work of this year’s Student Council committee has been a success.  From Freshman Orientation to pep rallies, to special lunches to Father-Daughter Dance, serving as a member of Student Council certainly requires a great deal of dedication.

According to President Tori Foody and Vice President Amanda Damico, there were a few projects during this school year that stood out as exceptional, beginning with Winter Formal, held on Saturday, December 17, could not have been more successful. The beautiful night took place at the Bayanihan Arts and Events Center where Academy girls twirled the night away with ther dates.

Foody found the change in agenda of this year’s Freshman Orientation provided some new twists. Council members had only two hours to spend with the freshmen, instead of the three hours they  usually have.  A wide range of different activities revised the shortened program so it would not be  boring or repetitive. Officers wanted to make sure the new girls were not overwhelmed and  doing too much. They made the experience more comfortable by gearing the activities towards personal interaction, such as singing songs and making banners.

“Orientation this year was fun and fresh. We wanted to change it up from the typical orientation agenda and make sure it was unforgetable,” Foody said.

Towards the end of the semester, for the first time in a few years, Student Council decided to have Vintage T-Shirt Sales. Academy T-shirts from past Jagball tournaments, Powder Puff Games, and several other clubs were sold to students.  Foody added, “It was extremely successful,  and the girls will definitely do it again next year.”

Student Council girls are now in the process of putting together an unforgettable Senior Pool Party. This event is the only one this year that seniors do not a have a say.  After the seniors run through every hallway and make their way across the bridge and into the pool, there is food and music waiting for them. “It’s the last thing you do as a class and the last thing you do at school. It’s awesome – it’s our little party,” said Damico with a smile.

With graduation Damico and Foody will  pass leadership on to underclass members who were elected right before spring break.  Each grade voted for seven new 2012-2013 Student Council officers and  representatives.  Taking over the reigns next year are the following members and officers:


President: Madison Allen

Vice President: Ashton Hill

Treasurer: Mollie Snyder

Recording Secretary: Maddie Cassidy

Corresponding Secretary: Rachel Astorquiza


Senior Reps

Arlyn Barlaan

Meagan Gonzalez

Sarah Shakespeare

Meghan Wallace

Catherine Young


Junior Reps

Victoria Martinez

Gini Barreda

Laura Castillo

Mariah Diaz

Ammara Harrison

Hannah McLaughlin

Siobhan Plummer


Sophomore Reps

Rachel Anderson

Olivia Diaz

Gillian Earl

Lizzie Farley

Maggie Ganther

Frances Kratz

Amber Orosco

Kirby Wallace

Tori and Amanda are confident that the new Student Council crew will continue to uphold the club’s  reputation of hard work, willpower, and fun.

“All of the girls on council are really great this year, hardworking and determined. The school will be in great hands next year. We will miss everyone!”

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Student Council finishes year with Pool Party for seniors