Prom…a night to forget? Or one to live and remember?


Seniors display SADD stoplight warnings and poignant notes from second graders reminding seniors to stay safe.

Rachelle El-Houayek, Multimedia News

Prom, supposedly one of the most memorable nights for teens, can end up in disaster by one small mistake. During the months of April and May, also known as “Prom Season,” America witnesses the highest rate of underage alcohol consumption with hundreds of alcohol-related traffic crashes.  According to the National Association of Broadcasters, every year an alarming number of teens lose their lives to injuries associated with alcohol and motor vehicle crashes remain the number one killer of people ages 16 to 20.

Here at Academy, Students against Destructive Decisions (S.A.D.D) here at Academy reminded all AHN students this week that destructive decisions are always 100% preventable.  Members interacted with students by bringing awareness against popular prom clichés, such as alcohol consumption, and educating them about its dangers/effects. S.A.D.D. members’ goal is to prevent students at Academy from poor decision-making by creating awareness of prom safety.

Junior Members Allie Mangan and Lillian Giunta asked each upper-class woman to write down ways that all students can remain safe during prom night on heart-shaped paper. These promises are put on display near Principal Jowanna’s Office as a reminder to us of the promises we have made, in hopes that every girl keeps her own.  In addition, members distributed paper stop lights, as well as poignant notes from second graders, reminding all prom attendees to play it safe and think before they act.

Students everywhere should remember the students whose lives have ended, and the promises you made. Remember to ask yourself: Do I want to make prom a night to remember or a night to forget…?