Like it not, students will adjust to the new Wednesday schedule

iPads are not the only changes  to which Academy girls need to adjust for this year.  For the 2012-2013 school year,  the Wednesday schedule had changed from an early release to a late start.  Instead of having teacher meetings in the afternoons, the administration has switched the meetings to the mornings.  Some students are not happy about the change, but on the other hand, some students are thrilled about this new schedule, bringing to light a few pros and cons  about the new late-start Wednesday schedule.

Students who live farther from school, as well as students who do not drive, have a more negative reaction to the new schedule rather than those who drive or live close to the school. Junior Melissa Mainzer, who prefers early release, said, “I still have to leave at the same time in the morning because my house is so far away.”

For many students who depend on their parents to drop them off in the morning, the new Wednesday schedule does not mean a late start. “I still have to get here around 7:15 because I can’t drive yet,” explained sophomore Alyssa Piccarri.  Students who drive from far away still have to dodge traffic, and parents still have to make it to their work on time.  Whether the school day starts later or not, these students will still have to arrive around the same time.  Adding another perspective,  girls who are on sport teams miss the hour break they had between school ending and their practices.

On the other hand, some students really enjoy the new Wednesday schedule.  They can sleep in later, go to breakfast, or even get up at the same time and finish their homework.  “I really like waking up at eight,” said senior Sophie Gonzalez.

Everyone knows that any Academy girl’s two favorite things are eating and sleeping.  Sophomores Cristina Baldor, Lizzie Farley, and Olivia Joseph all agree that they enjoy the perks of waking up late, not being rushed out the door, and having a hearty breakfast before school.  Some girls also enjoy that they can leisurely wake up, do their homework, and come to school.

Some people feel that they are more productive in the afternoons after school and would rather get out early instead of coming in later.  Some feel they would rather sleep that extra hour.  Overall, the new Wednesday schedule is something new to which everyone will eventually have to adapt, like it or not.

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Like it not, students will adjust to the new Wednesday schedule