Thanksgiving Takeover fuels holiday spirit in support of FCH

Thanksgiving Takeover fuels holiday spirit in support of FCH

Student Council really knows how to get into the Thanksgiving spirit, and once again the annual Thanksgiving Takeover proved to be a success.

Evidence?  Just ask Assistant Principal Mr. Jack Mullarkey, whose office was packed to the limits, only leaving the traditional “jello brick road” path so he could access his desk all week.

For several weeks, students in each homeroom collected their assigned items for the Thanksgiving meal for Faith Children’s Home (FCH) and then stored them in Mr. Mullarkey’s office after final collections.  Items included condiments, beans, corn, soup, pasta, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, peas, and every other possible part of the traditional meal.

Mr. Mullarkey loves the Takeover and the success.  “One of the great things about this whole process is that Ms. Kearney, who was at our school for 38 years, is still at our school in the Faith Children’s Home program.  In terms of the Takeover, it was pretty impressive.  There were about twelve or thirteen students trying to fit everything in here.  The girls stacked everything neatly and have what they lovingly called the ‘jello brick road. ‘ ”

Mr. Mullarkey congratulated students and students for their support,  with special kudos to Ammara Harrison, who was the Student Council leader for the project.” I think this is an interesting food drive because the donated items will actually go to  make a meal.   The entire Thanksgiving celebration for the home will be celebrated because of the donations of our students and teachers.”

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Thanksgiving Takeover fuels holiday spirit in support of FCH