Weatherbug: the newest technology ‘buzzing’ on campus

A new kind of bug has invaded Academy: the Weatherbug!

It took a long time during the first half of the school year to organize and install all the required equipment, but Academy’s new weather station is up and running on the roof of the media center. The station has a direct connection through the school’s computer system to a monitor, which can be accessed inside the library.

Academy’s station also sends the information to WTSP Channel 10 on Brighthouse and has already shown up occasionally on TV during their weather reports.

Science teacher Mr. Paul Sloshberg coordinated the project after it was suggested by AHN President Mr. Art Raimo. Mr. Sloshberg also acknowledges the help from the Buildings and Grounds staff, who found the best place possible to position the Weatherbug instruments.

“Mr. Raimo is the one who allowed us [to install Weatherbug]. It took a lot of different people to financially and physically place it together.”

Now, teachers from all grade levels can incorporate the data into lesson plans found on the Weatherbug website. Students can track weather information from places all around the nation, along the east coast, throughout the state and straight from Academy.

So far, a few teachers have already used the lesson plans in the classroom and “really like it.”

Mr. Sloshberg is currently searching for the possibility of a Weatherbug app, which students could easily access the data on their iPads.

“It should be interesting. [Weatherbug] is one more technology that we’re trying to add. We also want students to be able to regularly go there and check all the data, which is available to students, not just teachers.”


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  • MichelleFeb 27, 2013 at 3:50 pm

    This sounds very interesting! I think integrating all the technology in the school is a good idea to keep up with the changing times.

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Weatherbug: the newest technology ‘buzzing’ on campus