Student Council District 4 Rally provides AHN reps new strategies for leadership


Student Council Vice President, Ashton Hill participates in one of the few team building activities during the District 4 Winter Rally.

Madison Allen, Student Council President

Student Council members learned new leadership skills at the District 4 Winter Rally hosted by Charlotte High School, the district president school, at the FFA Training Center. President Madison Allen shared her experience below.

In just two days I learned so many things that I can apply not only to Student Council but to life in general.

The event theme was Hunger Games so we used many examples from the the movie that connected to leadership lessons or team building games that we played. We listened to speeches about the importance of independence, alliances, using available resources, and dressing appropriately.

The Winter Rally also stressed the need for leaders to carry themselves well, once again using references from the movie. We participated in Wacky Olympics and learned creative and useful games that we would be able to take back to Academy and use in the future. We learned different techniques to make people open up and feel comfortable, These techniques will hopefully prove to be useful at our next Freshmen Orientation.

Rally leaders provided materials for us to perform skits that would have to do with leadership and teamwork as well. At the rally, I learned all how to create and pass resolutions. I’m glad we now know how to do this so the juniors can start thinking about it for next year.

I saw and caught up with many friends from other rallies I attended in the past, and I met so many other Student Council members from District 4. My attendance this year made us feel more connected to our district and encouraged us to make a difference. We will definitely stay in touch with the other attendants by connecting online to make our schools better.

I learned so much from this experience and it let me form stronger relationships with the AHN girls who came too. I’m thrilled that I went and it was a great way to finish my senior year of Student Council trips.