Berryism is gone and Trader Joe’s is here

Has anyone noticed the construction going on at Swann Avenue? Berryism has been shut down for good and a Trader Joe’s has come to take it’s place; not that anyone’s complaining. The new, interesting grocery store specializes in hard-to-find foods and retail prices.  Trader Joe’s has come to be a large chain of grocery stores, and CBS claims that they sell about $8 billion dollars worth of groceries. That’s a lot of food for such an unusual, quirky grocery store like Trader Joe’s.

The amount of money they make isn’t all that surprising if you think about it though. For one thing, Trader Joe’s goes above and beyond the call of duty to have friendly employees and a cool environment. They clothe their staff with Hawaiian shirts and arm their cashiers with cowbells to create a strange, but inviting environment. The store also works hard to make sure the food they stock their shelves with is semi-healthy, a good price and ridiculously delicious. They have a wide variety of strange but yummy items that range from toaster oven friendly pumpkin waffles to the delicious jars of Speculoos Cookies and Coco Swirl.

The excitement about Trader Joe’s has been building ever since the news got out that they had bought the property, but what became of poor Berryism and whats to come for the many frozen yogurt shops that can be found in Tampa? Will their be a sudden decline of frozen yogurt need? The people say no. They refuse to let their favorite frozen yogurt haunts to go out of business. With loyal customers like these it seems that frozen yogurt has been removed from “just a trend” status.