Dress to impress on Turkey Day


Photo Credit: Alison Foley

Junior Erika Menendez shows off her Thanksgiving look.

Gobble Gobble…its time to get festive! The holiday season is in full swing and it’s time for you to pick out a fab Thanksgiving Day outfit to ensure all eyes will be on you.

A pair of jeans paired with a comfy sweater is perfect for the laid back mood of having a relaxing Thanksgiving at home with your family. Pair the jeans with some ballet flats and you will look casually chic. A hot trend is also to wear a pair of strappy heels if you decide to dress up your look.

If you are heading to your Grandparents’ house, a skirt is the perfect thing to wear.

“I never know what to wear because I do not want to be too dressy or too casual but still comfortable”, says senior Madison Ramirez.

Skater girl skirts are a hot fall trend. Pair the skirt with either a long sleeve fall colored tee or a simple tee with a fun cardigan over it. If the weather happens to be a tad chilly, stockings work perfectly with this look. A leather jacket adds a touch of sophistication to the look.

Traveling up north? Not a problem, you still have the right to look fabulous.  Corduroys are super comfortable and easy to dress up or go casual. Boots go great with cords and there are endless options with what type. Pea coats come in all different colors and styles to ensure your warmth. A beanie and a scarf will also help keep the chill away.

Online stores are a great place to find clothing. Sites such as Asos and Tobi are constantly adding new things.

Sophomore Kelsea Henry says, “I love the wide selection and variety Asos has to offer.”

Forever 21 and H&M are also filled with inexpensive finds to amp up your Thanksgiving Day outfit.

When shopping, it is important to keep fall colors in mind. Fall is the time for dark hues such as burgundy, maroon and navy. Other tones such as olive and carmel work great too. Pairing these colors with dark washed jeans or different khaki tones make the outfit come alive. These color pair well with leather and gold accesories.

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