Twitter Etiquette

Twitter is one of the most popular social networking sites in use right now. It’s a great way to connect, keep updated with friends and family, and share little tidbits of our life. Twitter, however, can also became something you do because you’re obligated, not because you like it. Why has twitter become such a chore? It might be because not everyone knows the unspoken rules of Twitter.
1. Twitter is not a Hallmark card shop. If you aren’t best friends with someone, you don’t have to clog up the twitter feed with a million birthday tweets. It’s a sweet sentiment that you want to say ‘Happy Birthday’ to someone, but not if you’ll be seeing them in the next few days. ” Twitter isn’t the right way to tell someone Happy birthday! Send them a card!” – Laney Rodriguez, freshman

2. There is a ridiculous amount of tweets that are obviously directed at someone, but you don’t include their username. Passive-aggressive tweets directed at no one serve no purpose beside confusing and bewildering the general public.

3. Full conversations on Twitter: they need to stop. It’s okay if you subtweet someone (twitter obviously put that option there for a reason) but you do not need to have a complete discourse with someone in front of the whole world. Twitter has a very easy to use, PRIVATE messaging system that is accessible to everyone. “It’s okay to subtweet, just don’t have a million [conversations].” – Rachel Tata, freshman

4. If something extraordinary happens to you, like getting married or visiting Europe for the holidays, feel free to tweet. Those are interesting and fun tweets, unlike the pointless tweets about “going to the gym” or “getting a Diet Coke”. I’m going to be honest…no one cares. We don’t need to hear about the minor details of your everyday life.

5. Anonymous accounts, while amusing at first, quickly turn vicious. There are things you just shouldn’t know about a person, and things that shouldn’t be put up on the internet for everyone to see. Some things are better kept quiet. If you’re looking for some excitement involving anonymous users, I suggest Gossip Girl or Pretty Little Liars. It satisfies the craving for drama while not hurting anyone’s feelings or embarrassing them. Claire Leto, freshman, comments, “That some are funny, but a lot of them go to far.”