See improvements in your health with the help of iPhone and iPad apps


Casey Pluchino

search ‘fitness’ in the app store to pick the one that best suits you

With spring break just two weeks away, the demand for getting in shape is on the rise. Instead of wasting your time and money on games in the Apple App Store, download fitness applications that encourage healthy lifestyles. These apps are beneficial to improving your overall health by either keeping track of your calorie intake or listing basic tips for motivation. Thankfully, Academy students have the accessibility of their iPads to help them stay on track.

The considerable amount fitness options in the app store and might be overwhelming but the benefits of downloading some are endless. If you do not have the time to hit the gym, Nike Training Club offers different fitness   paths that best fit your desired goals. Goal options include exercises that help you either get lean, toned, or strong. Once you choose your preferred track of fitness, the application lists exercises to that will help you reach your goal. Senior Jessica Kandell uses this app when she does not have the time to go to the gym.

Whenever Kandell has too much homework at night, “I pull up my Nike Training Club app do just do the exercises in my room. I love this app, because I can pull it up anywhere and do little exercises here and there. It’s like having a portable gym in my pocket!” Also, the app offers an option to customize workouts that best fit into your schedule.

Working out and exercising will increase your health but in order to see greater improvements, you must count your calories. Watching what foods you put into your body will affect your overall health. Apps like Lose it! and MyFitnessPal monitor how many calories are going into your body and how many you burn by working out. When you sign up, you put your current weight and your goal weight and the app configures how many calories you should be taking in on a daily basis in order to reach your desired weight goal. With the largest food database, it is easy to track your progress.

Senior Grace Withers started using MyFitnessPal and exclaims, “I love it! I use it every day to track what I eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner and it keeps me conscience of the types of foods I put into my body. I’ve seen improvements in my health ever since I started using it. I would recommend this app to anyone who wants to get in shape and take control of their body.”

Fitness tracking apps make people cognizant about their health and having these apps cost close to nothing, there is no excuse to not download. So go download these fitness apps now and see the improvement in your overall health.