Guest Speaker Chelsea Gheesling brings a “Good Girl Comeback” to Academy


Photo Credit: Gini Barreda

Chelsea was a gracious speaker, and enjoyed staying later to take photos with Academy girls.

“We find happiness and fulfillment when we strive to see the goodness in ourselves and others.” This was Chelsea Gheesling’s most important message for the Academy girls when she visited April 9. Gheesling is the founder of  The Good Girl Comeback, a non-profit organization that inspires girls to find their true fulfillment by becoming confident with themselves. In other words, you don’t have to be a “mean girl” to get somewhere in life. The Good Girl Comeback reaches out to thousands of girls nationwide through volunteering and mentorship opportunities and workshops.

The seminar that Gheesling presented to AHN spoke about about how living a “Good Girl” life-style, particularly through spirituality, modesty, chastity and confidence, can bring happiness into life.

Chelsea also explained her reason for starting the program.

“I started the Good Girl Comeback started because saw a huge need for change. I realized that it is hard it is to be a woman of character in the world we live in today. As soon as I felt the happiness that comes from being a “Good Girl”, I had to share it with others! I talk to girls about how and why we should make positive decisions, reach our goals and, be the best version of yourself”.

The seminar was divided into 4 topics: Our relationship with God, advice about modesty, dating, and chastity. Gheesling also provided the girls with examples of her own life and her reason for living the life of a “Good Girl”.

The first topic, covered the importance of our relationship with God. Gheesling said that to stay on the path of a “good girl” we must reach out to God and allow him to be a part of our daily lives. Although it might be difficult to set aside time for prayer and conversation with God, Chelsea said that she tries to converse with God through journal writing and she gave some suggestions to the girls as well.

Gheesling also emphasized the importance of modesty – primarily in the way a young woman should dress. It appears that in this day in age, girls feel that they have to dress immodestly to fit in or grab someone’s attention, but Gheesling assured the girls that dressing modestly is better. She used real-life examples of  modest dress,  A boy whom she knew attended his homecoming dance with a blind date. According to Chelsea, he had been uncomfortable and had a miserable time at the dance because she was dressed inappropriately.

Additionally, Gheesling showed the entire audience pictures of her own wedding and husband when she covered topics of dating and chastity.

“Be the person you want to marry,” she said. Gheesling told the audience that she waited for the right man in her life. She even asked her father to buy her a purity ring as a teenager and promised to save herself until the person she would marry came along.

Chelsea explained to the Academy girls that it takes time to develop into the woman we want to be.

“Some think that one day we’re going to wake up and become the woman we always wanted to be. but it actually takes a lot of work, goal-setting and commitment . The Good Girl Comeback is a tool that girls can use to build their confidence and develop their character.

Gheelsling says the feedback from girls has been overwhelming. She continues to hope that girls will listen to her presentation with open hearts and minds and empower them to life the life of a “Good Girl”.