Sightings during Spring Break


Casey Pluchino

Seniors Hannah McCarthy and Natasha Rahim enjoy front row at the Miley Cyrus concert

Spring Break is always something that Academy girls look forward too more maybe even more than other students. With all the stress the Academy puts on one academic wise, Spring Break is a chance to get away from ones everyday schedule. Whether they stayed home, or took a vacation, academy girls had a great time during the break!

The Academy students travelled locally, across the country, and even some abroad! Senior Victoria Valdez travelled to Colorado on her annual family skiing trip! “No matter how hard my classes are during February, I always work my hardest because I know I can relax and have fun all spring break! Spending most of the break with my family is a great way to bond and just have fun.” Other students such as Hadley Chillura, Bailey Ferrer, Jessica Kandell travelled up north to get some great skiing in!

Another main sighting was surprisingly the Miley Cyrus concert at the St. Pete Tones Forum. Whether a big Miley enthusiasts or people who have only heard a couple of her songs, it seemed almost every student at the Academy attended that concert!

Clearwater, St. Pete, and Indian Rocks beach were some of the most popular places to go this break. “Whether you rented a house or just went up for a day with your friends, the beach always ends up being a fun day”, said Senior Amelia Alexander. Many girls love the beach because, first of all you get the Spring Break golden color! Also there are many restaurants at each beach, such as the legendary “Frenchies” where you can get away from the normal Tampa style of restaurant.

Spring Break 2014 was one to put in the books. Academy girls covered all surfaces of places to visit, and we bonded as sisters while taking a nice break! Only less than a year till the next break, good luck girls!