AHN girls share their Teacher Appreciation

May 5- May 9 is Teacher Appreciation Week. At Academy, our teachers help us more than normal teachers do. They put up with our mood swings, help us with our studies, and most importantly tolerate a classroom full of girls for a long 80 minutes. Academy girls love their teachers; even though it may not seem like it at times and we want them to know that their hard work is always appreciated. I’ve asked freshmen, sophomores, and juniors how they feel about their teachers, and if there is anyone in specific they would like to thank. Even though our Seniors have graduated, I’m sure they appreciate everything their teachers did for them the past four years as well.


“I am really appreciative of the teachers here at Academy, because I feel like they really care about our progress and how we do in their classes; they would do anything for us!” – Sophia Guerra

“I appreciate Mr. K, because whenever I’m sad or in a bad mood, he knows how to brighten my day and make me laugh.” – Olivia Mahoney

“Sister Lisa’s class is always a great way to decompress after a hard day. She always makes sure we’re on task and working on our spreads. I love being a part of the yearbook!” – Jourdan Collins


“I appreciate Mrs. DiPierro, especially how she is such a great dancer” – Lindsay Boos

“I appreciate Mrs. VP because not only is she a great math teacher, but she always makes Student Council fun.” – Kelsea Henry

“Mrs. Kearney always takes the time to make sure we’re all doing okay” – Maddie Matesich


“Mr Butterly is my favorite, because he’s always nice to me and laid back.” -Bella Guerra

“Ms. Cox taught me that you can still be an adult and be stylish.” -Morgan Graff

“I really appreciate Mrs. Jacobs, because she’s there for me whenever [we need her] and [she] always knows what to say.” – Lexi Hayward