SOHO and Swami: Which juice is good for you?


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Which juice do you choose?

Most girls tell themselves over and over again that they’re going to go on a cleanse and start working out more and most of the time, it just doesn’t happen. I know I’ve been one of these people but after discovering these two juice places, I know where to go when I want something healthy. You might be asking yourself, what’s the difference between fresh pressed juice and store bought? Here’s the best way to describe it.

SOHO Juice Company, located on 500 S Howard Ave is one of my new favorite places. I first heard of SOHO from Instagram! I was looking through and saw people tagging this juice place with cute clear plastic bottles that had names on them such as “Floridian” and “Tropikale”. I wanted to see for myself what it was like. When I walked in, I saw fridges to my right with hundreds of juices and a testing bar to my left. The employee let me try them all before making my purchase which made it impossible to pick which ones I wanted. These juices are very natural. For example, the popular juice “Upbeet” is made with Orange, Pineapple, Beet, Apple, Lemon and Ginger.

WARNING.:These Juices DO have an expiration date on them so don’t go crazy at the store and buy too many (something I did). Senior Sophia Guerra loves SOHO Juice! “I went in there not knowing what to expect. I thought they were going to be super bitter and I wouldn’t be able to finish them, but I love them! My favorite is ‘Upbeet’. My sister Bella loves ‘Dailygrind’ because it has coffee in it and is a great way to start her morning.”

Everyone stop by SOHO Juice and test out your favorite ones!
Everyone stop by SOHO Juice and test out your favorite ones!

Twitter: @SOHOjuiceco
Instagram: sohojuicecompany

Another popular Juice place is Swami Juice, found relatively close to SOHO on 2832 South Macdill Avenue. Swami has many juices to choose from as well. One of the stores most famous Juices is ‘Lifesaver’ it literally tastes like the pineapple Lifesaver; just without all the added sugar. This Juice has pineapple, cucumber and mint in it. If you had a lot of junk food during the weekend, they have an abundant amount of cleanses and detoxes to choose from. These detoxes are ‘Sunscreen, Bush Doctor, Yo Greens, Carotene Crush, Swami- Ade and The Purps’. One of our fellow students Julia Metzger, works at Swami. “My favorite juice is swamiade, it’s has good vegetables in it but it also has pineapple in it! I like working at swami juice because it’s a really relaxed environment. There’s a group of young bosses who are super nice. All of the customers are really cool and friendly also.” Everyone should stop by Swami juice and try out some new juices. The main difference between SOHO and Swami is that Swamis bottles are glass. If you return ten bottles you get a free drink!

Do YOU prefer Swami Juice?
Swami Juice
Do YOU prefer Swami Juice?

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Instagram: swamijuice