New Snapchat update gets bad reaction from users


New “Discover” Feature on the Snapchat App

Many teenagers are very upset with the new Snapchat update. Some of the new fun features could be useful, but they are looked over, because all teens see are the things they dislike. The main thing the teens have been freaking out about is that the best friends lists are now on private. The CEO of Snapchat, Even Spiegel, addressed this issue in a recent tweet, “We’ll bring back BFs soon. A few higher-profile friends wanted to keep their usernames private – we’ll come up with a better way to do that.” This tweet was to reassure all the snapchat users that he would fix the issue in one of the future updates and not to give up on this fun form of social media.

Teens are open to admit that the reason they dislike the new update is because they can no longer spy on their friends and who they have been talking to. There are also many other reasons that the new update is getting a lot of hate. Many things were changed and moved around and it is hard to get used to like any other app update. Alejandra Lozano, Junior, says ” I hate not being able to look at people’s best friends and I don’t like where they added the chat button, I’m always accidentally clicking on it. I also hate how there is a page just for stories. I liked scrolling through all of my friends instead of just people who posted stories.”

However, some users are satisfied with some of the new features. The new discover section is a very useful new section added to the app. For people who do not use this app, the discover section is a way to stay up to date with what is going on in the world. A variety of editorial teams from Cosmopolitan to CNN to Comedy Central add current event stories, videos, and pictures to keep all the users informed on many interesting things. Surprisingly snapchat users who had an issue with the update in general use this feature. Junior Grace Toups says,”Whenever I’m bored and there is nothing else for me to do I use the discover especially the Cosmopolitan section.”

Like any other major update to apps or software there is a trial and error process. Snapchat is working hard to satisfy all of their users. There are changes coming according to the CEO. For all the people who want to spy on “bae”, “ex-bae” or, “future-bae” the best friends lists will be back on public soon.